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By taking 'Time for You' to harmonise 
and balance yourself,
you are honouring and nurturing yourself,
which enables you to be more creative, joyous and of greater service to you and

to humanity in your day-to-day living.

                                                                The Gift -  P’taah

About Us

About Us

                                        I have been interested in health, healing, nutrition and spirituality for many years.  I trained as a massage                                                     therapist in 2003. Previously I worked in a demanding business environment and I understand the

                                        pressures of balancing home and work situations and the ever-increasing stresses of modern-day living. 


                                       Tai Chi and Chi-Gong practice are part of my daily routine and I value the benefit of daily quiet/meditation

                                       time in my own life and to support my work as a therapist.


                                       On-going education and training is very much part of my ethos to bring the most up to date research,

                                       knowledge and techniques to my treatments.  In 2013, I qualified as a Quantum Coherence Therapist adding

                                       a deeper and more profound energy aspect to the treatments I provide for clients.


I offer the knowledge and practical experience that I have gained to clients. I use a network referral system to a wide-range of other complementary and health care  professionals that clients may require from time to time.  If I cannot offer the necessary assistance

I will know someone, working energetically, who can.


Come, experience and enjoy a 'Time for You' treatment of your choice in a tranquil and therapeutic healing space.

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Energetic Massage
Touch Therapy for People with Cancer
Quantum Coherence Therapy

A Time for You treatment combines the benefits of many years training in a wide variety of holistic therapies to help clients deal with today's demanding lifestyles.


Holistic and non-invasive, treatments promote balance and harmony and help maintain good health and well-being by treating the body, mind, emotions and spirit, while at the same time encouraging self-healing on all levels.


Treatments encourage deep relaxation and tension release and assist the natural flow of energy (chi) in the body. Working with the body's natural energy flow, via the chakra system is central to all Time for You treatments

Touch Therapy for people with cancer treats both the short and long-term the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It is physically and emotionally relaxing, it reduces stress and muscle tension, which can lead to pain relief, reduced fatigue and enhanced energy but, most of all, it  provides much-needed support and comfort for the cancer patient.


These treatment are tailored to each individual and often include gentle energy work to strengthen the immune system.

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Quantum Coherence Therapy (QCT), based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice is a new and exciting energy-based therapy developed in Ireland. 


It raises the vibration (chi flow) in the body to create self-healing, even when treatment is over. 


QCT can be incorporated into massage treatments or given as  stand-alone sessions.  Lasting up to 45 minutes, QCT involves both hands-on and hands-off the body and can also be given as distance healing sessions.




Contact Us

Time for You

1 Dolphin Avenue,

South Circular Road, Dublin D08 T9T2


Tel: (01) 657 0345.  Mobile: 087 287 0555



How to find Time for You:


Time for you is very centrally located off the South Circular Road in Dublin 8.


For clients coming by car (from town) drive past Griffith College and the National Stadium, on your left, then through the next traffic lights, Dolphin Avenue is then the second turning on the left, after these lights.


Parking is available in driveway, but if you prefer there is metered parking on the avenue (€1 per hour) or park blocking the driveway and not need to  feed the meter there.  Convenient cross-city bus routes : 68 and 122

By appointment only - Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays and the occasional Saturday mornings.

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