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"This is so much more than a massage therapy.


Treatments are at a deeper level  and the combination of energy work and massage has a very profound effect"

M. Connolly, Dublin

A belated "thank you" for a really lovely massage.  Having floated on

a rose-scented cloud for about three days I came slowly to solid ground full of vim, vigour and vitality (slightly exaggerated) but really feeling terrific and ready for anything.  Looking forward to the next !

Phil R.  (aged 89)

"I believe my 'time for you' sessions are an investment in myself, keeping me positive and focused on what is important in life"

S. Creedon, Dublin.

I can definitely recommend Mary at "Time for you Massage" without hesitation. With her holistic approach, you emerge from a session feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, incredibly soothed and healed. I have been having these sessions for some time now and know that my overall well-being is hugely positively influenced by them

H. Barnes, Dublin.


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"I saw this massage lady today … Oh my God… she was amazing.  She was like a masseur mixed with a therapist with the wisdom of an ancient druid all wrapped up in an Irish Mammy.  I loved her and am gonna make this a regular thing”

Shielagh L. Dublin

A deep and powerful, but gentle treatment [QCT]. I arrived at Mary's treatment room going at what felt like 100 miles an hour, by the time I was leaving I was down to 1 mile an hour!  Balance and calmness was restored in my world. Thank you, Mary.

Ciara A. Co. Kildare.


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