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What is stress?


The late Dr Anthony Clare, the well-known Irish psychiatrist, described stress as “what we experience when there is a significant lack of balance between the resources we possess and the demands made on us”. We become stressed when our system is overwhelmed by any trauma or experience, physical, mental or emotional.   Stress is not something out there. It is a completely internal phenomenon based on how we see, interpret and react to events in our lives.


The most common symptoms of a stressed life-style are:


      Sleep disturbance                    Irritability                                 Muscle tension leading to spasm

      Poor concentration                 Shallow breathing                  Stomach churning/knotting

      Palpitations                              Sweating                                 Increased smoking

      Panic attacks                            Impotence                               Lack of energy/zest for life

      Depression                               Feeling there is "never enough time"



Do some of these symptoms seem familiar to you? A regular 'Time for You' treatment will help to alleviate many of these symptoms. Helpful tips and suggestions that can be incorporated in your lifestyle easily, always accompany treatments. A Jade Stone Far-Infrared heat pad enhances the enjoyment and therapeutic benefits of each treatment ... just lying on this heat pad helps to release strees and tension from the body.  Clients just love this deeply-penetrating heat and, between treatment sessions, when life is particularly stressful it is available to "just lie" on it for 30 minutes to re-charge batteries.

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